David flying with his FPV Goggles

Below is a video of my first flight using FPV (First Person View) with my X650 Quadcoptor.  I am waring video goggles that is receiving live image and data sent back by the X650 via 5.8Ghz 500ma radio system. I also habe a shirt over my head to block out the light that gets by the side of the goggles.

What does this mean?  Was is FPV?  This means that I am seeing the view from the X650 Quadcoptor as if I was sitting on it and flying.  It allows for much longer range flights as you will see.  But also will allow me to take better videos of areas we may come across as I will be able to “see” what I am shooting video or stills of.  But I still need to better judge what I am seeing as a flat 2D image you get from the video is hard to tell distance, even hight.

Brenda was standing next to be to be my eyes on the X650 in case I needed to know something, like, how close am I to the ground. :)  Yes, it is that hard to tell sometimes when you are coming down.  The issue is you can not tell the rate at which you are coming down and if you are going to fast, you will have no time to react to power up full to pull up in time.  Once you know it, it is more than likely to late.

The below video is best viewed full screen and in HD based on the picture in picture.  Use the option at the bottom right of the video once you start it to change the modes.