Ok, you had seen my first flight, you might as well see my first crash also. No X650 or person, was harmed in the making of this crash. But you will see me backing up quickly.

As you will see, I was a little nervous flying over water (our pond) for the first time, then Brenda came up on me in my blind spot, and well, it hit the ground as I took my eyes off the X650 that was coming back for a landing to fast. It was traveling at a good rate and dropping as it was not holding altitude. Oops!

Looking at the footage I guess it was me or the ground as I was backing up fast and no way did it have the power to rocket up. Good thing I did not bank to the side as Brenda was their. In any case…enjoy. I am just happy it is still flyable and I am not cut up. These carbon fiber props will cut you like butter.