Well we are sad to report we are now starting day 2 at the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney. Yesterday they replaced the drive shaft, did an alignment, changed the ride height and put on a vibration sensor in hopes to see where the issue is. Well, none of that really did anything. The sensor pointed at both drive train and tires…so more or less inconclusive.

So they put the old driveshaft back in as the new one had no change and readjusted the ride height. Today they are now looking at dismounting and remounting/balancing all six tires. They will also look at each rim and tire to be sure they are, well, round.

Oh, I need to mention these have to be the cleanest service bays we have seen.

We are supposed to get a down pour of rain later today, or as they say here a “Gully wash’en “, so we are hoping they can resolve the issue so we can get out before the rain hits.

BTW…I must say that it is a sure pleasure to be working with a company like Freightliner that truly put’s customers first. Everyone we have dealt with here in Gaffney have been outstanding. From senior management to the service center reception, it is just a breath of fresh air. The techs are polite and take care to listen to what you have to say even asking follow up questions. It is companies like Freightliner that others should strive to be like. If and when we may look for another coach, we will be looking for the Freightliner logo. (And we say this even without the issue being resolved as of yet as they are just that caring.)

More to follow when we have something more to say on this. Otherwise we would just bore you with note about us sitting in the waiting room and watching people play cards. (Yawn)