Well as mentioned, we were heading to Gaffney, SC to have some work done on the coach in hopes to get the shake out of it. We made it without issue I am happy to report. (Not that we did not expect to arrive safely.) The service center has an area where we can plug into for staying overnight as the appoints are set for 8:00am each morning. The service tech comes right to your RV to pick you up and talk to you about the issues. Now we will see if they can resolve the issue.

So the travel thus far has been great. No rain! But we do expect that to change at some point. :) We still do not like driving in West Virginia based on the winding road and up and down. We will leave from here tonight or tomorrow and start to head to Jacksonville. What can we say about Gaffney, SC? We think it is the Car Wash capital of the world. I kind you not when I say we counted at least 12 car washes in a 8 block area. Some areas had washes that were across the street from each other!!!

All in all we are hopeful we will be able to resolve the issue we have with the vibration. Will keep you posted.

Here two shots from our travel…

This is the Fort Chiswell RV Resort.

Here is a shot of the view going though the passes….