What can we say, July 4th with friends, more like family, while in Canada is a night like no other for us. To be able to just enjoy time like this, with friends you are close with, is truly one of the reasons we are so happy with our choice of purchasing a coach vs. a vacation home.

We will let the photos taken on July 4th speak for the most part. We are with the Furno’s… Joe, Lynn, Amanda, Courtney, & Michel. Of course Tasha is with us and was not left out of this wonderful day.

It’s Ice-cream Social Time!

Payback is great from our last trip!

What’s Tasha looking at so intently? Ah! A new friend!

Time For The Campfire!

And of course a camp-fire song!

What you can not hear is another campsite responded with the song of course making it “campsite #2”. The girls got so excited. :)