Ever wondered what you could do to have the best water all the time no matter where you are?  Well, we, David and Brenda, have done water purification with UV light but now have switched to Full Coach Reverse Osmosis (RO) with UV light!  Want to know more, your in luck! 

Tonight, Saturday 8/29, at 7PM ET join David and Michael (The “TurtleBubbles” Tech Guys…Don’t ask…LOL) as they Live Stream on YouTube as they talk about the Pro’s and Con’s of both systems and also talk about installing a full coach/RV RO system.  The Live Chat Window will be open so you will also be able to ask questions if you would like.

Here is the link to Live Stream starting at 7PM ET… https://youtu.be/mXHNLveqryY

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Hope you join us!