Well, just a quick note to say we are getting ready for our next week long trip. This time to the Gulf Stream “Back to Home” rally in Indiana. We will be leafing Saturday the 21, which is also Brenda birthday. We will stop over at some KOA about 5 and a half hours form here for two nights and then head out to another 3 hours to the rally.

We have been very busy getting the coach ready. The BIG TASK, getting read to tow a vehicle behind it for the first time. I am not really looking forward to it, but feel I will be fine.

We purchased a new 2008 Saturn Outlook in black to match the RV. (Hey, way not?) It will be setup tomorrow for towing as I have all the parts and a 8 AM appointment for the install. I will be trying the Brake Buddy system for controlled braking of the Outlook.

Well, that is it for now. I promise to get photos on-line of the setup and our travels. Kind of boring without photos. Heck, I may even do video!

BTW…SCARRY DAY for us today. You see, I choose to have some real nice shocks put on the coach. The ones that come with it are, well, bad. Well when all was said and done, when we went to lower the coach, the front driver side jack would not drop!!!! The jack was not going in! It took more than an hour to get it to drop and we could only do so by raising the passenger side with floor jacks to get the pressure off. You see, the area we were in was not too level and thus the jacks really had to do some work. The pressure was just too heavy we were guessing. All in all, we are good now. But that was scary!