Special High Pressure Tank Cleaning Tip
Special High Pressure Tank Cleaning Tip.

So we did blog posts on RV Tank Use and hoses that included a CAM Lock Hose System and then we did one on Electronic Dump Valves. We mentioned that we put in the electronic dump valves so we did not need to go outside each time to dump our gray tank as we leave ours closed. So that blog post and video opened up quite the conversions here and elsewhere dealing with keeping the gray tank open or closed when you are parked.  NOTE: WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE BELOW SERVICE….WE HAD IT DONE!

We treat the gray tank like the black as it does have solids that get into it from washing dishes. You also have grease from cooking, not that you dump that down the drain, but it does get in again from cleaning. Don’t forget the washing detergent, shampoo, soap, etc and so on. Remember it is not just water going down the drain, these items can and do collect on the bottom of the tank and on the sides.

In fact, in the video of the of the RV Tank use and the new hose system, I showed you what the build up can be like as it was clearly shown on the side of the clear down tube I installed, all showing on the side the gray tank is on. This was collected “gunk” that stuck to the side of the tube that even after a flush. As such, you can only grossly imagine what the inside of the gray tank looks like if it is left open and only closed to fill some before dumping your black tank.
Icky muck build up from Gary Tank
Icky muck build up from Gary Tank!
So like the black tank, we leave our gray closed and open it when it is close to full to thus allow for a best chance to PULL “gunk” out of the tank based on the force of the rushing water. Also the items scum that floats on the tops that kind of makes a thin film will also then be pulled away. That same scum that would otherwise be stuck to the bottom or sides and build up over time with the heavy items.
So, knowing that we leave ours closed and thus to us having the best chance of a clean tank each time we empty it, we wanted to have a professional cleaning done. This is in hopes to show you what is still in the tank when you think it is clean! So if we have gunk that comes out after we flushed it, and we leave it closed, imagine what a tank that is left open, with the build up I showed happens, would look like!
Of course we all also flush out our black tanks right? But of course you do. But after you emptied it, then flushed it, and even if you then filled it again with the flush water and then drained it again, you would think you are all cleaned out. Nope, not by a long shot. Things still stick and build up over time. So, of course we had to have the black tank also cleaned.
And you thought it was clean
And you thought it was clean!
Much better after power flushed
Much better after power flushed!
So enter the professional tank cleaner Todd. With a 4,000PSI pressure gas power washer with a special tip that shoots out 4 powerful jets backwards at an angle, thus washing will get your tanks as clean as it can be. The best want to show this is via video, so if you care to see what comes out of a tank you think is clean, feel free to watch this 7.5 minute video. Once you see what comes out of our gray tank that we keep closed, thus the best chance of keeping it clean, I think you might just get the point on the build up that can and will happen when you keep it open.
Look, we all have our own ways we do things. That’s great. If you care to leave your gray tank open, that’s fine by us. We just wanted to show why we keep it closed and empty it as needed. And yes, you would be more than likely going out to empty it every 2 or 4 days as we were. So now you can see why we installed the electric dump valves. :)
This was the first power tank cleaning we have done with our 2014 coach. After seeing this we will likely have the tanks professionally cleaned every other year.