Just wanted to add a note about my update on fire suppression. If you may recall, we added an engine compartment foam fire suppression system. If you are not aware, here is the post on it. CLICK HERE. Well I just wanted to say that we had been asked a number of times about electrical fires and what you can use in that case for suppression. The answer is clean agent gas such as hfc227 or halon 1211. (Whats that? Read what it is HERE.)

So I ordered in two Halon suppression systems for our coach and just installed them. After all, people were asking about it and, well, if I am going to do fire suppression, I might as well do it all the way right? After all, I knew what to use as I used it in the IT world and where to get it, I just never got around to it. But of course I was kicked in the butt to get to it because of a fire our friends had where they did purchase the Engine Compartment Fire Suppression system, but they did not have time to install it before they left on their trip. Sadly, they could have used it. READ ABOUT IT HERE. (Again, so sorry guys.)

So, I had to act and I did. What you see below are Halon 1211 Gas suppression canisters placed in the two areas of our coach that I feel an electrical fire is likely to happen if one was to. It will deploy at 155 degrees to try to suppress a fire by chemically disrupting combustion.

So the left photo is looking inside our battery compartment and main power distribution area, and the right one you can see the canister is right in front of the Inverter/Charging system. (Click images to enlarge.) I surely hope they are never needed, but sure feel a little better having them vs not.

They are made by the same company, Fire Fight Products, that does the coach engine area. You can find the the units on Amazon…  Fire Fight Products SS30-90-CAG  

Here is a quick video talk on them…