Our friends over at Technomadia reported quickly, as they usually do, about information they received on how Verizon is looking to again drop users that have UDP’s. But unless you are a extreme user, 100Gig+ so it seems, then it seems you will be OK. But for those that use it for all TV, Music, and Movies, then you just may be in that 100+ data use area. (It can add up very quickly when streaming.)

So I do not need to repeat the information provided, I will say if you are not aware of Technomadia, you should be.  They are the best source when it comes to data on the road and have a dedicated site just for it… https://www.rvmobileinternet.com.

Here is what they reported … CLICK HERE

It is good to know there is a way to extend your contract another year while keeping your UDP. We used the method provided by Technomadia and was able to extend our contract. Please note however, to find out how to do this, you do need to subscribe to their RV Mobile Internet site and it may be well worth doing so if you at all rely on data on the road. IMHO, it is also good that they did not make method public as then Verizon may be flooded with calls and close down the loophole. So please do not ask me how to do it. :)

But Dave, you are a techie guy we turn to!?!?!? Ya, Ya, but it is not what I do for a living and while I am happy to help with items like Making A Better Connection and other RV related items, they do mobile data all the time and have the connections in the industry to get information fast. And this IS what they do. Seeing we are both techie RV’er people, we became virtual friends having even met them once on the road in Quartzsite. Here is a video flight I did when we met for the first time showcasing their vintage bus. Enjoy.