Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

No, we are not asking for money. Brenda said that would be the first thought in a number of readers minds based on the title. There is more to it. It is research if you will.

It’s simple… We just want to know, seeing it has been over a year now in our new coach, if we helped you in some way?

Yup, sounds like a funny question to ask. However looking at our number of readers over all the years we have been doing this (from 2008), we realize that a lot of our readers have come across us based on an issue with a RV manufacturer and then followed our search for a new manufacturer. Then after we found one and documented the complete build process, we had another influx of new readers. Also a lot of our readers have found us based on writings of locations you may have been researching or even RV issues, reviews or advice. (We seem to have become a help desk of sorts. :))

Don’t get us wrong, we have had a lot of readers before we got to the point of going full time, but when all of the above started, things took off even more and continue to expand. So, we asked ourselves, and now you, have we helped? Some actually think we do this blog for a living. I can assure you, we do not.

We have of course received notes here and there over the years, but we are just really trying to get a feel of any impact we have made. We spend a lot of time doing this as you may guess and want to know how we have helped and thus how we made the most impact.

So, we now ask you to help us in a simple way. We kindly ask you to drop us a private note if we have been of help to you and if so, how. Be it from a simple RV tip or travel information, all the way up to did we help you with your buying decision on an RV or coach. (That was not our intent mind you.)

We ask you to drop us a note using the Contact Us page or via contact@ Also if you know of someone we have helped, please kindly let them know about this post.

We have disabled the comments section for this post as we are not looking for public recognition. Thank you.