The Jelly Belly Mobile

NOTE: You Must Be Munching On Jelly Belly’s While Reading This Post.

No Substitutions Allowed.

Yup…that’s us parked next to the Jelly Belly RV. We were in Bakersfield, CA at the Bakersfield RV Resort and out of the entire park, they parked us next to this rv. However I must point out, this is not the first time we have seen this rig. When we were in Morro Bay, CA at Morro Dunes RV Park, they were parked their too! We never did introduce ourselves though…until this time.

What a fun and pleasant surprise. We met the lovely couple that drive and tour around in the Jelly Belly RV. Had dinner with them. Watched a movie in our rig. And of course, their were lots of samples to be eaten.

David Getting Some Samples From The Bean Boozler, aka: Bill

And I’m not kidding when I say the rv was full of samples. Bill and his lovely wife Zumie travel the west coast promoting Jelly Belly. Here they are at one of their events that was just up the street.

Bill And Zumie At A Jelly Belly Event

And they are good at what they do. They have a Bean Boozle Wheel that you spin. Never knowing what it will stop on. You see, Jelly Belly has these, shall we call them exotic flavors. They are not for everyone, and certainly not for the faint at heart.

The Bean Boozle Wheel

Some of the flavors include canned dog food, rotten egg and barf. And when I mean, after you spin the wheel you don’t know what you’re going to get, I mean you really don’t know what your going to get. For instance the canned dog food also could be chocolate pudding. The rotten egg could also be buttered popcorn. And the barf could also be peach. Both flavors look alike and they are mixed into one jar. So you never know if you’ll be “bean boozled” or not. It’s all fun.

Bill and Zumie invited us into the rv to give our taste buds a whirl. It was interesting to say the least. I do believe the official “I Can’t Handle It” bucket was used more than once.

David Not To Sure What Flavor He’s Tasting Yet

Zumie Is Ready With The Bucket Once I Taste My Flavor

We had a great time with Bill and Zumie and we hope to run into them again. Unfortunately, they were heading north and we were heading southeast. Oh well. We’ve probably had our fair share of Jelly Belly’s anyway. After all, we followed them to one of their events, that was just outside a candy shop ( I know shocker), and we ended up buying a bunch of Jelly Belly’s in bulk.

David And Brenda And The Jelly Belly RV

So Bill and Zumie if you are reading this, we had a lovely and fun time with you both. So long for now. I know we’ll end up running into you some where, some time. Safe Travels! And yes, we still have some Jelly Belly’s to finish up. But it will be a task that we will have to endure.