Our RV Garage Door

Yea! is all I can say about getting back out on the road today. We will not see this view out the windshield for a couple of weeks.  It is just coming up on 9AM ET and we are looking to head out about 11 for about 5 hour drive or so.  We are headed Goshen, IN and then to Elkhart, IN.

We are going to Goshen to see some other Gulf Stream owners for the first ever RVFest rally. This rally was put together after Gulf Steam canceled their official Back to Home rally for the second time in a row. So, some members got together and came up with RVFest and here we go. Gulf Stream just does not get it.

These are the people you want talking nice things about their product lines and they cancel a community building event. We we can pull this off at our own costs, it is not like they can not.

We are then heading to Elkhart to have some internal upgrades done to our coach.  We removed the couch and put in a real love seat with real leather.  So we are looking to have an end cabinet made for like an end table.  We are then adding wood valences vs the fabric ones we have now.  Removing the pullout pantry and adding in shelf’s and two double doors.  Also looking to see about cutting down the computer desk as it is too high for comfortable work.  Oh, we also purchased new MCD blinds for tall the windows!  We installed 5 of the 9 as the other 4 will go inside the new valances.  We are so excited about this as really disliked the blinds it came with.

So we are off.  I just wanted to post a quick note as my work is done and I had nothing really while waiting for Brenda.  :)