After almost 2 weeks of repairs on our coach at the Gulf Stream plant we will be heading home. But this long stay worked out as we spent time with some great people like Reg & Carolyn pictured above who were also at GS for service. We also met Bob & Pat (Sorry, no photo) and together we were the GS Parking Lot Service Foundation. We spent the week together, went out for Mexican, and talked about RV trips. These two couples really made the stay a lot better. Thanks guys if you are reading this.

Bob and Pat are full timers in a Tour Master T-40B just like ours, just a different color. Even though we did no get a photo of them, here they are leaving…NOTE THE COOL MATCHING PAINT JOB ON THE CAR! They had that done here at Mikes Custom Paint while we all waited for service work. (We had our slide-out sides painted with matching stripes.)

So we are out of here tomorrow and it will be almost 5 weeks from the time we left that we have been gone. It will be good to get home, but we are already looking for our next weekend type trip and also have already made plans with Joe and Lynn, our best friends, to go to Canada for the 4th. (Yes, Canada for the 4th, we know, we know.)

We will fill you in and upload photos when we return and get things under control. (5 weeks of mail to go though!) So, for now, just follow along with the live web cam as we make our trek home. (See you soon Mom…I know you missed us.)