(David here) Ok, ok, again we did not get into an RV park until after 8 PM. Why? Tire balance issue. What does a 34 thousand pound RV look like at a time shop, something like this.

Yes, that is our new machine up on it’s own built in jacks with the front tires off. It seems what Dick Gore’s RV World had done to fix the balance issue I reported did not quite work well. Not their fault mind you, but we needed to stop as the vibration was more than I cared to deal with while driving.

Oh, here are some of the guys at the tire shop….Real nice guys btw.

their was also an issue in the rear as they were also out of balance. So, we had them check those also. Another 40 mins and we were off and rollin again.

Then came a stop for supplies at Wallmart where I needed, of all things, something to clean the bugs off the windshield. Let me tell you folks, windows this big seem to be the bug swatter of the road. I have never seen so many colors.

All in all, we will be leaving the KOA this morning and continuing our trek home. We think we will stop one more night, but this time early enough to at least enjoy some time that is not just pulling in and hooking up at night, making dinner at 9:00 and then going to bed only yo get up again to clean the windshield and leaving.

BTW…This entire trip we have been more or less winging it. Finding a RV park along the way using several books we have and the internet.

Here are shots from the road we will leave you with…