Welcome to Henderson Harbor NY. Located just at the start of the “1000 Islands” that is better known as the St. Lawrence Sea Way. The image above is of the RV resort we are currently staying at. Association Island.

Based on the price per night and the type of place it was, we were hoping it would be more of an adult RV location. Well, we parked right next to a family of 2 grand parents, one mother, and 4 kids. :) Very nice people who fished a lot, but unexpected to have all these children’s cloths hanging around right next to our coach.

Then again, it was not the kids that were the issue. Two sites down was a group of adults that were out of control. Now I mean, how bad do you have to be to get a gulf cart rental taken back? Well, so bad that they were driving drunk and hit a camp fire. Well, that was not the end of it. They had 3 other reports of being loud and rude where the resort manager had to come down. I am not even sure why they are still allowed to be here. But wow, it is kind of amazing to say the least how some people will behave.

Despite the people a few sites away, the views here are wonderful. I will leave you with a few shots from last night. The sunset and then the moonrise.

Until next time.