Crossing Into New York

So here we are.  Home again.  This feels weird.  This house is so big!  It’s amazing how we’ve acclimated to the rv and it’s size in the 5 months we were on the road.  It’s feels very strange being in such a large house.  We didn’t sleep very well last night.  Our first night back home.  You’d think we would.  But we got so used to the queen size bed in the rv that our king bed was huge!

First thing Tasha had to do was walk around the entire property and sniff everything.  It was interesting to see her expression.

You could see she wanted to get back in the rv like us.  The cats were indifferent.  They probably thought we had died or something.  Our Niece and her husband did a great job house sitting for us.  We are truly lucky to have such wonderful family that lets us go off on these adventures.  Besides, if they didn’t, then they could not live vicariously through us.

Oh well.  For better or worse, we are home.  We’re just going to have to look forward to our next adventure.

Here’s Our Motorcoach Pulled Up To Our Garage Doors At Home

The House Is Hidden Behind The Motorcoach. The Property Is So Pretty This Time Of Year.

Tasha and David Walking Up Our Driveway After Checking Out The Property. That’s Our Giant RV Garage In Front Of Them.