When David said “Babe, I’m gonna take you places.” I didn’t think this was what he meant. As you can see, we’re in another garage. We’re still in Elkhart, Indiana were we had the AirforceOne braking system put in. When we went to pull out this morning our air gauge was going haywire. It could be a bad gauge or something with the install. Thank goodness there was a tech here on a Saturday. So now we’re sitting in the garage and they’re checking everything over. BTW…it’s going on 12:30pm. I’d like to get out of here before dinnertime.

On another note, Tasha is doing better. Her hearing is coming back and she can walk around without us holding her up. She was so wobbly on her feet that we had to support her back end up with a rolled up sweatshirt. She finally had some dinner last night too. It helped that I mixed in cooked hamburger :)

Anyway, cross your fingers it’s a simple fix and we can hit the road. Don’t forget to check out our live web cam! You too can enjoy our view inside a garage. At least this one is very clean.