One of the things we we love about our lifestyle is the people we meet that read our blog or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. It gets even better when they also love to just play music and offer to do a CampJam with us!

What’s a CampJam you ask? Well, it is when some people just get together to play live music by a campfire. Usually they are an impromptu little party but other times they can be much larger like our Bott-Lott party last year or even larger like the OOBerfest party with over 200 attending. :)

This last night was one of the smaller, intimate, type CampJams that just came up yesterday morning that lead to a great evening of fun, laughs, and of course music! 

Boy did we have music thanks to Gary Wingard and his wife Carolyn.  You see, we had a few OOBies come into the Southwoods RV Resort, where we stay in the summer, and of course we had to meet and say hello. It was a great chat and the next morning Gary asked if we would care for him to play around our campfire. Of course we jumped at the chance to have a little CampJam, so we said “CampJam…Hell ya!”  Gary then learned what a CampJam was and that I played the Cajon (pronounced “Ka-hon”).  Not to sure what he thought of that, but I do like to think he was pleasantly surprised.  So we put the word out to people in the park and we got ready for a nice fun evening.

Even more, Mike Curran, the park owner, showed up and brought his guitar! So then we were jamming for sure, for now we had two guitars, two singers, and one Cajon. It was a nice evening and we also got to use our new overhead lighting that we had setup for such events for the first time!  Yippee! 

All in all it was a fun night and we would like to thank all that attended.  We of course wish to send out a BIG THANKS to Gary and Carolyn for offering to play at the famous “Bott-Lott”. Also we wanted to say….Gary, you are welcome to stop by and CampJam with us anytime you are in the area. And BTW…If you find yourself traveling in January and happen to be around Quartzsite AZ, come to OOBerfest 2018 and we do more of the same for a larger audience!

Oh, so those that tried to watch our YouTube live stream…we are SO SORRY we could not get the connection to work.  We will work hard on trying to obtain a good upload connection for next time. 

Here are two short videos from the performance…