Well the time has finally come to reveal what we have been working on for some time now for our fellow Tiffin motorhome owners or soon to be owners. CoachProxy!

CoachProxy is a simple, intelligent interface for operating your coach from any web browser, whether that’s your Phone, Tablet or Computer and is capable of doing this from anywhere you may be, on any number of devices! Items such as lights, shades, heated floors, and vents to name a few. It can also alert you to things such as your tank levels getting to high or maybe your batteries too low.

CoachProxy was developed along with our friends Michael and Lehnanne Kidd from TurdleHerding.com. They are fellow full-timers who own a new 2016 45OP Allegro Bus. We have spent over a year on this idea and are so excited to bring it to you as it is something that we felt was missing from such a wonderful motorhome coach line.


We set out to develop a product that fills this need at a low price point that was quick and simple. We do not pretend to be like systems you may have seen in other motorhomes, nor did we ever set out to be. While we surely would love to be able to take control of everything, we can only control what is on the Spyder Controls Multiplex System in the 2014 and newer Tiffin Motorhomes.

I will not get too much into it here as we have developed an entire site where you can find information on it. We even have a quick video that was shot, in typical David and Brenda style, on a whim with Michael and David. You know, it was one of those…”Hey, lets make a video” and Brenda grabbed the camera and we were off without a script or even knowing where we would go with it. All in all, it was something fun to do while at the Tiffin Service Center.

We hope you like CoachProxy and that you may care to have one of your own. Even if you don’t, we surely hope you will share this with other Tiffin owners by any means you may have. Be if Facebook, Twitter, community forums, email, US Mail (yeah right), or even around a campfire as you pull out your phone and say…”Hey, watch this!” as you light up your coach.

Website: https://CoachProxy.com

The video is on the site, but of course we would not be us unless we posted it here…