Well it happened, we are now pulling a trailer for our tow vehicle! But not just any trailer as it is not just any car!  It is a Tesla Model X! That’s right, you read that correctly. We have an ALL ELECTRIC vehicle and have one even though we live full time on the road! (More to come soon on how we are able to charge the Model X via the motor coach, at 240V Level 2 charging, off the same 50 amp connection! You to can do it if you ever wanted to!

But seeing that the Model X can’t be flat towed, weighs 5,500 lbs, and is a wide SUV, it required a special trailer to carry it.  After searching and searching, we found the Aluma Trailer Company who makes a wide body tilt bed trailer, that ordered with heavy duty axles, can carry the X without issue!  So we purchased a 25th Anniversary Edition Aluma 8218HTILT flatbed trailer. Which BTW is all Aluminum and only weights 1,500 lbs! The deck of the trailer is 18 feet in length which is just a perfect fit for this car. Seeing it is a wide trailer, we surely could fit the X onto the E-Track that was factory welded to the deck at a spacing of 67.5″ on center to center the tires.  With our 45 foot coach, towing this behind us makes us 70 feet in total length.

You may have noticed I wrote “Tilt Trailer” and you may be wondering what that is. Well it is as the name implies, the trailer deck that tilts so you can load and unload with ease without the use of ramps. Also good to note that they also make enclosed trailers but we went with an open one to save cost. I know what you are thinking…”OMG, with the cost of that car why on earth do you not have it inside an enclosed trailer!?!?!?”  Well, we talked it over and the cost difference was about $15K and in all reality, we don’t travel as much as we used to and thus the trailer would be sitting most of the time not being used. Some people use their enclosed trailers for other things when parked, we would not be.

So we saved the cost and put it to good use.  You see, we had the Model X all protected via PPF (Paint Protection Film) with FlexiShield as well as ceramic coated so not much can stick to it.  This is not to be confused with a “wrap” as a wrap is only 3 mils thick and PPF is 10 mils thick. So a much different product which offers us amazing protection and the “look” we were going for seeing we went with a satin film vs a clear gloss. We also had the windows tinted which included heat reduction and all the chrome “deleted” via black satin wrap. Over the top of all this was the special CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic coating. (Entire car, all panels as well as glass!)  To say the coating is amazing is an understatement to say the least.

We know you will ask…Cost…around $10K for what we did.  Ok, pick your jaw up off the floor as we feel the money was well spent and it protects the car while on the trailer as well as when just driving.  And boy is it a looker! On top of that, is it really easy to keep clean!  

Photos are Before, During, and then After. Click To Enlarge

Hey All…We want to be sure to give credit where credit is due thus want to send out a special THANKS to our Aluma dealer, Lone Star Trailers in Lacy-Lakeview TX. This “Mom and Pop” trailer dealer was so very helpful to the point of allowing us to come out to the location with a loaner Model X to “fit” us to the perfect trailer. They spent the time we needed to be sure we had the right trailer for the right reasons. They also have a location named APC Trailers in Tucson AZ.  They are worth the call if you are in need as not only did we get great service, but the pricing was worth the 1.5 hour drive to go see them.

So if you are finding yourself in need of a trailer, please give them a call and please by all means, tell them we said hello.

Of course we did a video on the trailer talking some on why we did this and of course showing how it loads and unloads.  Here you go!