So it seems that every time we do a photo or a video inside our coach where you can see the coffee machine, we get asked about it. Well the last photo we put up on the Tiffin Facebook Group was a 360 degree photo of the inside of our coach and we got 24 people asking about it.

So the time has come where I make a video to tell you about it so I do not need to keep doing it over and over again. Now when someone asks I can point them to this page. :)  And BTW, it is held down to the counter top via Velcro. It stays right in that spot as we travel. And yes, we do make coffee when traveling.  

The new model is the Jura ENA Micro 90, we own the Micro 9 from a few years back. It is not cheap, but it is after all a Super Automatic Machine. I would look to purchase a refurbished one in the used/refurbished section on the Amazon page. Here is a link to it on Amazon and also to the brand of coffee I like. (Yes, I was even asked that.)

Jura ENA Micro 90:
Kicking Horse Coffee:

Here is a 360 Degree video telling you all about it….