First off…what is Team RWB you ask? They are a registered 501-C3 organization that according to their mission statement are their:  ( #EagleCharge @TeamRWB @Walmart )

“To enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. 

We accomplish our mission via our two core programs: our Chapter and Community Program and our Eagle Leadership Development Program.”

And if you have learned anything about us, you know that we love to help out our veterans. We are still big supporters of the Segs4Vets organization. Here is our latest post on that. 

Anyway…We first ran into Team RWB when we were driving through Utah a few years back. Team RWB have what they call “Old Glory Relay” where they, and I quote, “Embark on a 4300 mile journey across America in honor and to connect veterans while celebrating all that unites us as a Nation”. 

When we ran into them in Utah, they were running through some very unforgiving territory. It was in September 2014 and it was hot! However, that did not stop these veterans and volunteers running and carrying the flag.  It was truly a humbling experience and I’m glad we ran into them and was introduced to this wonderful organization. You can read all about our experience here

So now…what does this have to do with us? We saw that Team RWB has an annual “Eagle Charge” which celebrates veterans with a virtual event. Covering 4 or 7 miles you can join in on this virtual event by either walking, running, hiking, cycling or just strolling along at your own pace. 

So as the 4th of July approaches us and we celebrate our Nation’s freedom, we thought this would be a great opportunity for our OOBies (Outside Our Bubble Fans) to do something together as a group. No matter where you are in the country you can participate by donating to our walk. All monies go directly to Team RWB.

We will be walking on the 4th of July for 4 miles here at Southwoods RV Resort.  So 4 on the 4th! 


Let’s show these veterans how much we appreciate our freedom and help them any way we can.

We are going to try to broadcast live if we have the bandwidth. But we will for sure be taking pictures throughout the walk.