Well, this is just a quick note, a PSA, to show the importance of knowing your braking distance! 

This is a video made up of multi camera views from an emergency stop we needed to make on I10. (Taken from our security system cameras and dash camera.) We went from 70Mph to a full stop in under 7 seconds!  Think about that.  We weigh 42,000 pounds and we were towing a 4,800 pound Jeep Grand behind us.  That is a lot of energy built up in motion to stop.  So this is a lesson as to why you need to know how much room you need in order to make an emergency stop and to be sure you always have that room.

The video will walk you through what took place so you can see the importance of knowing how to drive within your limits. We talk you through what you are seeing and also have audio from when it took place as we were streaming the drive LIVE at the time. 

We posted this on our YouTube channel some time back, but wanted to be sure we sent it out via e-mail to our subscribers just in case they are not subscribed to our YouTube channel.  If not…Why not? ;)  Take the time and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.