Moving on up.  North that is.  We headed an hour north to Laughlin, Nevada today.  We found a really nice rv resort at a casino.  At least what we thought would be a really nice rv resort, turns out to be nothing more than a parking lot.  That wouldn’t bother us as much as what’s next door.  They failed to mention, of course, that they are located right next door to a drag strip!  Yup, actual drag races going on all weekend long!  UGH!  We’d leave, but we actually have a package being delivered on Monday.  Once that comes, we’re outta here!  Anyway, live and learn.  We were excited to see actual grass though.  Ah, however, dogs not allowed on the grass.  It’s just to look at apparently.  This place is weird.  We are definitely crossing this off our list.  Oh well.

Funny thing about where Laughlin is.  We started out in Arizona.  Nevada is north of Arizona.  However, we had to go in and out of California to get there.  We’re right on the southern tip of Nevada on the Colorado River.  To go into town, you have to cross the river.  Oh, by the way, every time you cross the Colorado river you change time zones!  And don’t rely on your cell phone (Joe) (inside joke) to tell you the correct time.  You don’t know what tower, in what time zone, you’re picking up.  UGH!

Monday can’t come fast enough.  I feel like we’re in the Bermuda Triangle of the Southwest.