Life in Key West is, well, at it’s own pace. It seems that people do what the want when they want. Or is that the RV life? I mean, like us, people still work from their coaches and what have you, but it seems to be at a time of when they may choose to work. I am not sure if I can get used to that or not. (who am I kidding?)

We are already thinking of staying another 4 days or more as this is a very much needed get away. It seems that Brenda and I needed to decompress more than we thought. Getting away like this has allowed us to open our eyes to some things and also realize that life of being together is a wonderful thing.

I mean, nothing else seems to matter. Seeing some things we have seen, meeting some people we have met, it all is part of what thus far make us, well, us. And you know what? We like us.

Some of you may be asking about Tasha. Well she is doing very well and very much likes traveling. Brenda and I both agree that she has never seemed happier.

Well, that is it for now. And for those of you that are wondering how it is working on the road working out of a coach…I will leave you with a picture that more or less says it all…

That is me on the dock with my notebook and Tasha.