It has been some time from when we announced why we were in Houston this winter vs the other places we normally visit and thought we would update you.  As you may recall, I, David, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last July 2020.  In November we came to Houston so we could check out our options from one of the top places in country… MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Here is our story on that if you had not seen it and why living Full Time in a coach or RV can be a good thing for something like this… Click Here.

Fast forword to end of December and after talking to many doctors and discussing different treatment options, we have now chosen to go with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT).  At first we had thought we would be choosing surgery and in fact, was scheduled to do just that. However after more talks and more research we have chosen to go down this path.  So, well, we will be in Houston for some time as I need to be on some prescriptions for about 6 weeks before I can start radiation treatment.  This is in order to give us the best chance at getting rid of it vs. just the radiation alone. 

We really wanted to take this time to send out a BIG THANK YOU for all the emails and stories we have received from our announcement. It really has been overwhelming from the hundreds of emails, to personal stories of cancer, to even receiving flowers and a Build a Bear delivered to the RV Resort for us.  We even had someone drive 40 miles to come say hello to check in on us.  (I sure am glad we were home!) 

We never expected the outreach we had. It really touched us to have all these email and messages come in. I was personally touched by those who shared their prostate cancer story with us.  Some very detailed, some just a simple…”I have been through it, give me a ring if you care to talk.”  Some even talking about how they also had a positive experience at MD Anderson and even one that has our same doctor! 

I have surely had my ups and downs through this.  It is hard for people for sure when they hear that they have cancer. But in my case, when you add on top of that I have had PTSD, High anxiety & Clinical depression brought on from a mini stroke I had when I was 40 that messed up my brain, and well, it has not been the best of times. But oh my…you then add in COVID and yeah, what a really bad year. And to think, I was starting to get out more because of Loki only then to need to be shut in due to the pandemic. Two steps forward, one BIG step back.

Yes, you would not know about the above if you were to meet me or have seen the videos as I tend to hide it very well.  But you can see that over the past years, the number of posts and videos made have surely decreased over time as I just had not had the motivation to do things.

Depression is not just hard on me, but surely on Brenda as she needs to deal with me when I have those really bad days. You know the days when asked…”How you doing today?” and you reply “Worst day since yesterday.” (Love you Babe.)  But when I can actually set my mind to do something and do it…I can at least get it done.  And yes, for those that attended, producing the OOBerfests were very hard and it took a lot to stay upbeat. I usually crashed out mentally after hosting a meeting (ever notice how I just disappeared?), but, I so did enjoy them and helping others. But the parties with the live band where the best! For when I am in control of something, like playing music, it is a different world to me.

It’s all good though, I didn’t mean to come off as “oh me”.  That is not the intent. I guess it was just to put it all out there, so thanks for reading. To me I try to think about such life events as it is just another chapter in my book of life. For without chapters, you would would only have a flyer, and who wants to just leave behind a life can fit in a flyer?   

Well, that is more than I thought I would be typing! Maybe too much information. :)  But heck, it is not the first time I have mentioned my “mental” issues. (The Flip Side of Fill Timing – The Disconnect).  Brenda and I also did a video update you can find below.

We wish you all well going into 2021 and hope to be able to get back to some sort of normal. But for now, we will continue to see you virtually with hopefully more posts to come.  Not sure on what, but I am sure I will find something.  Take care, Keep Safe, and despite our logo and blog name, please stay “Inside Your Bubble!” for now.



Elekta Unity Radiation Treatment Machine

MD Anderson Cancer Center