It seems as of late we’ve been asked more and more what we do for 2-way radios. Usually the answer is a cell phone. However sometimes the cell phone just is not as convenient as using a 2-way radio.  2-way radios are fast with no dialing, and that’s convenient. And when the need arises you can talk to multiple people at the same time. This often comes in very handy if you’re doing a caravan, off roading, hiking, etc. Just an FYI, you cannot get cell phone in all places as much as you would think you could. (I know you all knew that, I was just making a point.) 

But let’s face it, all 2-way Radios are not created equally. Not by a long shot! I have always loved the claims of a 45 mile range!!! That’s total BS. Not unless you are in the Sahara desert with no other RF interference whatsoever and you’re standing on the tallest sand dunes at the tallest point that that might be possible. But again highly doubtful based solely on the amount of wattage that it is legally able to be putting out. I have no idea how these claims can even be allowed to be right on the boxes as it is clearly false advertising.


So anyway, what do we do? We spend money. Sounds strange to say it that way I guess, but it is what you have to do if you want radios that you can count on. Motorola makes all types of radios as you all know. But there’s a huge difference between consumer grade and commercial grade. And along with that is a large difference in price point. But if you want something that you can trust and count on to work, you have to go with commercial grade. IMHO

I know I’m going to get flooded with emails or comments about how “these radios are way to much money”, “these radios are better than those”, or “these radios work just as good for $10”. So how do I put this? I guess bluntly…I don’t care. All of this is by our humble opinion and I do not care if you think we spent to much. :) I’ve been asked about this topic time and time again, I’ve never talked about it because I never wanted to be attacked for spending the money I did on radios. Simple as that. Even in the last video I did on the Mach 8 air-conditioning hush kits, I got comments and emails asking me about the radios I was using to communicate with Brenda.

So anyways, if it makes anyone feel any better, I buy reconditioned radios, thus I’m not paying full price for new ones. Yippee! I found this great guy on eBay that does great work and was very good to work with. Here’s the link to his site …Bowden2way. He has many different refurbished models and will help you find the right fit. (If you purchase, please let him know we said hello.)

Don’t be shocked by the price for these are NOT toys. Well actually, go ahead and be shocked all you want, just don’t tell me about it. LOL  We own four so when we are with friends we have them as needed. Be it driving In a caravan or hiking, these will do the job the “45 mile range” ones can not.

Their you have it and now you know. Let the beatings begin. Oh, I also did a quick video as videos can be quicker to make vs the time to write a blog post.  Plus they can be more fun. :)