Brenda here. I’m typing to you from inside the rv. While I know that that in itself is not news I have to mention something. We are in another tire shop, in Indiana by the rally, having our tires looked at again. The dog and I are just hanging out in the rv while the front tires are off and getting re-balanced. We still have that shimmy happening above 45 mph. The Freightliner place, that we had an appointment with this morning, found our tires were not “round”. Again. Thankfully the tire shop was just around the corner. I hope this fixes the problem. If not, they may have to put on new front tires. That is under warranty, so no biggie there. Rv tires are not cheap, as is anything. Well, at least we are getting to see a little bit of downtown Elkhart, IN. Some parts remind me of Canandaigua, NY. Looking around, the people here must have a good sense of humor. There was this one sign that read, “Dyslexics have more nuf”. How funny is that! Not that being dyslexic is fun, but the way the sign is written, get it..ha ha.

Yesterday I took a women’s driving course, in a seminar setting, that the Gulfstreamers Club offered. Tomorrow is the day of reckoning. The instructor and myself are going out on the road learning how to actually drive this thing. I give David a lot of credit by just getting behind the wheel and driving. There’s so much you have to know and double check. Both David and the instructor have said that once you drive for a little while, you won’t know what you were afraid of. I look at it this way, if we let what we are afraid of stop us from achieving anything, then we will not learn anything new and not move forward in our lives. Or, to quote Nike, “Just Do It!”

I’ll let you all know how I did tomorrow after I stop shaking from nerves. Bye for now.