OK, talk about working on the road! This is a little project we’ve been working on with a group of people for sometime now. Finally we can talk about it and let you know what we have been up to! (Not that you have been wondering.)

Long story short…We are co-executive producers on a movie called Angry Men. It is the true life story of how a group of men, the engineers, that tried to stop the Space Shuttle Challenger launch from taking place. It is independent movie made up of mostly unknown, but very talented, actors. However I’m sure you’ll recognize a few people in the movie. The best news, it is finally at the point where we are seeking distributors so we can sell the movie. This is where you come in!

In this day and age of social media, distributors that may be interested in a movie check out the Facebook page and other places on-line in regards to gauging the interest of a movie. The more “Likes” or “Love” or “Followers” a movie has, the better the chances of it making to the big screen. Or in our case, streaming online somewhere! 

So we are asking for some help. If you would be so kind to visit the Facebook page of the Angry Men movie and like it, and maybe follow it, that would be of  great help in getting distributor interest and this being able to sell it.

Heres the Facebook link… https://www.facebook.com/angrymenmovie/

Of course feel free to share it along the way with others. :) 

The below video is not a trailer, for that comes after we get a distributor, but it is of us asking for your support! 


David & Brenda


Below shout out from the Writer/Director Nathan VonMinden and actor Dean Cain. (Yeah, that’s right…Superman!)