View from above

Well we made it.  The 22nd Annual Western Area FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.) Rally.  We were told this would be a good size for a rally.  The only other rally we had been to was the Gulfstreamers rally in Indiana.  We thought that was big.  Boy, were we wrong.  We are told they’re expecting just over 1300!!!! Good size?  Who came up with that term.  I think I can safely call it huge.

The greeters and parking people seem to have this down to a science.  We are directed to our spot, parked and put out our slides.  Which by the way, our main slide fits very snugly between a palm tree and a light pole.

No complaints here though.  We are parked on a grassy area.  Well…as much grass as you can have in California during a drought.  There are some people in the dirt or the asphalt parking lots.  So it’s all good.  Did I mention that we also have electric hook up?  That was a nice surprise. Not full electric, but enough to get by.  Plus, we’re within walking distance to the main tent area.

So we’re getting the lay of the land and Tasha is so excited.  She thinks we came this whole way so she could go to a dog convention.  There is every type and size dog imaginable.  So we’re all meeting new friends.

The seminars and show floor (with the vendors) open tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see what new gadget or trick we pick up.  And we found the sunshine!!!!  The temp is expected to be in the 70’s all week.  I’m so excited, I might even break out the shorts!

A Sea of RV’s

The Big Tent Among The Palms