We arrived safely to the “Back to Home” Gulf Stream rally. One of the main reasons we came here was to meet some of the Gulf Stream people to get some issues resolved with the coach. To that end, we have…we think.

I made a contact yesterday with the National Sales Manager for Gulf Stream and we went over the issues and the issues with getting it serviced. He assured me that while we would here he would get these issues resolved. So, we will see. I mean, they are not hard issues really, but items that need to be done. Some seals, cargo door alignments, and decal kind of things.

The biggest issue we have is a shimmy we have in the coach at above 45 mph. So we are setup with a local Freightliner service center, the coach is built on a Freightliner frame, for Wednesday at 10AM. So we will be heading out to go their in the morning and coming back to our site after. WE HOPE THIS WILL BE RESOLVED!

All in all, we will see how things progress. We are also going to have some other items added to the coach like a replacement bathroom fan to match the others and a 42” ceiling fan in the bedroom. This is to be done either today or Thursday.