(David here) Ok, we spent the day with my parents and moved on as we needed to head out early anyway to get back to the dealership. As such we choose to head out this evening and drive just over half way to Jacksonville.

The above photo from left to right is my sneakers, Paul, Ann, My Dad Frank, Connie, Bobby, and my Mom Sadie. (Hi Mom!) We are all stilling in the RV just chatting about, well, the RV.

My Mom is more or less scared to death about us driving this beast that I needed to make a video to maybe help here get over it. Mom, here is a video made just for you.

So Mom, all is well. Not to worry. And I wish you would have gone for a ride with us so you could understand all is well.

All is all, we are off to the dealership in the morning. Seeing it is 11:31PM, time to rest. More tomorrow.

Oh yeah! Disney Power!