Ok, so you want to go out camping but you don’t want to miss football or something else like the championship of Curling right? Yes, we have Canadian followers. :) Well maybe you have seen those little domes outside your follow RV’ers rigs and wondered, ‘Huh, Wonder what that is?‘ but did not want to ask.  Well, let me show you!

In the below video I talk about how easy it is to get TV on the road and also show you what the inside of one of those things looks like. (Come on, you always wanted to know!)  I was able to do this as I reached out to my friends at DISH Network and Winegard to have some gear sent out to me. Some of you may know, I was a big part of the AV/CE (Audio Video/Consumer Electronics) world. To that end I actually consulted with DISH Network a number of years back on setting up a Pay As You Go program for RV’ers. So yes, you can get month to month service with no contracts or even credit check and start and stop it when you care to. 

Also a really nice thing to come out of it all was that people want to still have the networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC for the local areas you are traveling in. Very important for weather and other local news. (Not to mention watching the shows we like.)  You do this REALLY EASY with the My Dish app when you arrive to your site and set up! 

Oh, shows! If you have Internet, the Wally also has APP’s like Netflix, so if you are a NetFlix subscriber and have access to the Internet, you can get a Wi-Fi adaptor for your Wally!  And for those places you can’t get out from under the trees, they have an Over The Air tuner (OTA) that you can connect to the back of the Wally and you can then use an HDTV antenna to receive whatever stations are in the area.

BTW…The Wally can also be turned into a DVR by attaching an external USB hard drive. ;) 

As you can read above, I know, easy to miss, I pulled a few strings and setup a $50 OFF Discount! Just use the link below and be sure to use the code OOB at check out! 

ONE LAST THING!!!  We also arranged to give away a complete Playmaker and Wally setup in the coming weeks!  So stay tuned for how you can enter!