Ok, before you ask…”David, don’t you already have a water deionizer?”  Yes I do. In fact I have two CR Water Spotless systems. One I carry with us and the other stays at the “Bott-Lott”. So then why did I get yet another one? Well, I really like the design of the Simple Chuck unit and that you recycle the resin that is used vs tossing it. This makes the cost per wash lower but it does require you of course to stick with the company. But that is OK by me because Simple Chuck comes from the makers of CR Spotless whom I have used for years and it is Made 100% in the USA!

So in case you have no idea what deionized water (Di for short) is used for…we use for rinsing off our car & coach after washing it so we do not need to then dry it. Which can take a long time not to mention adding more micro scratches. You can even use it for home windows, solar panels, etc without then the need to dry them after rinsing them. This is because deionized water has nothing it in. It is the “hard water” that leaves the spots and this is due to the minerals water has in it. The resin inside Simple Chuck removes all the minerals, thus no spots! Di is used by ALL professional detailers

The guys at CR Spotless also came out with a line of cleaning products that are also right up our alley based on what they are made of and how you can use them. Example…In direct sun light without issue and are biodegradable. They are also making some really, really soft towels.

I also picked up a Kranzle pressure washer which is hands down the best pressure washer I have used! However…It is not cheap! But Cheap and Quality do not go hand in hand. I even installed it, with the Simple Chuck unit, inside a bay of our coach as it is just so quiet and small. So now I have a pressure washer anytime I need it with Di water! Can you say windshield bug removal. :)  The “Foam Cannon” I am using in the video is from Chemical Guys and can be found HERE.

The best thing I can do is show you Simple Chuck and the final results as I wash our Jeep using my new Kranzle pressure washer!

Link to Simple Chuck on Amazon… https://amzn.to/2HVDje2