Tory, aka: "The Queen" Found Her Throne On Top Of Our Pillows On Our Bed.

Tory, aka: "The Queen" Found Her Throne On Top Of Our Pillows On Our Bed.

So our first night with all four kitties was interesting to say the least. This is how our night went…

11:00pm – lights out. 2 Kitties join us on the bed.

11:20pm – Third kitty joins us on the bed. There’s no moving now.

11:45pm – Two kitties jump down because they get tired of us trying to move.

12:10am – One more kitty on the bed, which makes two again.

12:30am – Whisper decides he must walk all over both our pillows.

12:31am – Whisper gets pushed off bed by David.

12:45am – Whisper is back on pillows.

12:46am – Whisper gets pushed off bed again.

1:15am – BK decides he’s had enough of us and jumps down. Finally the whole bed to ourselves!

1:20am – BK is back. Must have just wanted some water.

2:00am – Someone throws up in the master bathroom. To tired to get up and clean it, will get it in morning.

2:20am – Second kitty jumps up on bed, making two kitties again. Oh joy, I really didn’t want to move my legs anymore anyway.

3:00am – Whisper decides he must jump up and walk on pillows again. Tried to look under window blind.

3:01am – Whisper gets pushed off bed again.

3:05am – Whisper tries for attempt number two. This time jumping up on Brenda’s side of the bed.

3:06am – Whisper gets pushed off bed again. David declares this is not working and we are going home in the morning.

4:00am – PLAYTIME! Whisper decides we must play with him and his ball. He comes running in room with ball in his mouth. Meowing very loudly to get our attention.

4:01am – Brenda throws ball to other side of rv to try to get Whisper to play in living area. Does not work. Whisper decides this is a good opportunity to play fetch. Drops ball at Brenda’s feet to throw again.

4:02am – Brenda throws ball again. Whisper fetches again and drops ball at Brenda’s feet.

4:03am – Brenda takes ball away from Whisper. He’s very loud when he plays, meowing and running and such. Ball will not be left out at night again. Must get sleep!

4:45am – Kitties are not sleeping so humans must not sleep. Brenda gets up and cracks front blind open to try and distract kitties with scenery. BK takes the bait and lays on dash dreaming of new adventures.

5:45am – Kitties jump on bed again in attempt to wake humans. Little do they know the humans have not slept at all!

6:00am – Brenda gets up. It’s useless to try and sleep anymore. Alarm was set for 6:30am. What’s the point?

Long post because it was a long night. Good news is everyone used the litter box. We had no accidents to clean up. Yeah! Now if we can only figure out the sleeping arrangements. And I’m telling Whisper I’m canceling his 4am playtime!