Just a quick note to say we made it back home without issue. We went right though US Customs without a hitch. Did not need to pull over or get x-rayed or anything like that. We were actually shocked as we do seem quite out of place to be in a coach like this. I mean, we are young when it comes to people that are usually in such rigs.

Also no issues with the coach itself for really the first time! Yeah. (Yet we still have an inverter issue with auto starting and stopping the generator. We also noticed paint over spray on the windshield from the paint work that was done by Gulf Stream. We will be going back to Indiana to get these resolved.)

Our next quick trip however we are looking to just go about 1.5 hours away back to Sodus Point. However, this time we are looking to try to bring all 4 of our cats!!! This is a test run of sorts to see if we can travel with 4 cats and a dog. If we feel we can handle it, we will be off for the winter. Like Nov – May. That would be quite the thing as is after all, why we purchased the coach. To see the states.

So, subscribe to the blog and keep tabs are we venture into the world of traveling with a full coach. ;) (That should be interesting to say the least.)