Well we are FINALLY off and traveling again after a LONG summer of construction and family illness. We are on our way to Gaffney, SC to the Freightliner service center to finely, hopefully, get the drivability issues taken care of. (If you followed along with the other entries from the past, you know what I mean.) We need to be their by Thursday Morning at 8:00AM, so needless to say we are talking our time seeing we left today, Monday.

We plan to leave on Saturday and drive to Jacksonville Florida to have some other service related work done at Dick Gores RV World where we purchased the coach. Nothing major their, just some check up items and also I want to have installed an electrical protection system. So we have an appointment for Monday and will leave Tuesday and head down to see Andrea, Brenda’s sister, in Fort Pierce, Florida.

All in all, things are well and Tasha is doing well and enjoys traveling with us.

OH!!! Forgot! Brenda put on here slipper and found a mouse. :) That was fun. The sad part is that the mouse had passed away. But it must had just happened as we had only put the slippers in the coach on Saturday. So very strange. We checked the coach over and did not find any other signs of further mice.

So the travels continues later for our 2 week trip.