One Truffle Left!

One Truffle Left!

David and I have really been good with conserving our Monica’s Chocolates we had bought in Lubec, Maine.

But alas…all good things must come to an end.

We are down to one final truffle!

…..Tear drop streaming down my face.

So how much does David really love me?

Will he allow me this one final piece of joy dripped in chocolate?

As I turn to him with my best attempt at doe eyes, my eye lashes fluttering…he is gone.

Where has he gone I ask myself.

Just then I see David in the driveway with the UPS man.

Conspiring about something.

David reaches the front door with the largest Cheshire grin I have seen.

He’s definitely up to something.

He hands me the box.

Great I sigh…another gadget for the house.

What is that I see?  When I open the box there is something gold inside.

Monica’s Chocolate?!?

David explained that he remembered she had a website, so he ordered some more chocolate.

He does love me after all!

As I open my eyes I see it…

One Truffle Left!

One Truffle Left!

Still one truffle in the box.

No new box.

No UPS man.

No David grinning from ear to ear.

Instead, he is typing fast away at his keyboard.

Typing something with gusto.

I peer over his shoulder with the hopes of seeing Monica’s website on his screen.

Nope, not an order for more chocolate.

Just work.

Well, a girl can dream!