The RV In Chaos While Work is Being Done

So we’ve been a little tied up lately.  We had an issue with our bedroom floor a little while ago, called Gulf Stream, and got approval to get it fixed.  This is what happened.

A few months ago we noticed our bedroom floor had developed a soft spot.  That’s the only way to describe it.  When you stepped in a certain spot, it creaked and moved.  Not normal obviously.  So when we got to Florida, we took the coach into the dealership that we had bought it at, to get repaired.  When they peeled back the carpet, they found the flooring had dry rotted and black mold was formed.  The bedroom slide had apparently been leaking for a while and we never knew it.  The carpet had never gotten wet because their was vinyl flooring between the carpeting and the wood sub floor.  Thus, no wet carpet.  Strange I know.

Long story short, they had to do a complete rip out and rebuild, so we had to stay in a hotel until the work was completed.  That was definitely a new experience with Tasha.  Thank goodness it only took 3 1/2 days to complete.  I had terrible visions that when they started the rip out, they’d find something worse, and it would be two weeks.  All I can say is, Yeah! I was wrong.

When they finally did finish it looked wonderful!  New carpeting to go with the new flooring.  Nice Job!  Thank you Dick Gore’s RV World in Jacksonville, Florida for a wonderful job.  And kudos to Gulf Stream Coach for standing behind their product.

Our Disgusting Black Moldy Floor

Tasha Saying, “Are You Kidding Me?”

Trying To Make Do In The Hotel

Not Even Ice Cream Will Make Things Right

The Final Result. Nice New Carpet With A Nice New Floor.