Our Spot On BLM Land Near Quartzsite, AZ

Our Spot On BLM Land Near Quartzsite, AZ

OOB Get-together:
When: Jan 14-17, 2016
Where: Quartzsite AZ – Plomosa Road – End of BLM camping area.
(Here is the exact area plotted on Google Maps of our location – CLICK with GPS info.)
Why: Just for Kicks and to meet others.
Bring: Firewood, Full Water Tank, Empty Gray and Black Tanks, Generator, snake bite kit (kidding), stories and anything else that may add to the experience.
CUT OFF DATE: January 1st, 2016 (We need to know how many by this point.)

More information on the 33rd Annual RV Show can be found HERE.  They used our video. :)

“So what’s the plan Stan?” First off, the name is David, not Stan, but here is what we have come up with for our first gathering. Of course all of the below is weather permitting.

Thursday, January 14th – Arrival Day

* Arrive when you can today. Yippee! (Brenda and I will be arriving on the 13th to try to block off desert space.)
* We will try to arrange the coaches and RV’s, facing inwards along two lines. As you arrive and turn off into the desert, just look for our logo (paper signs) to make your way back to our group area and see one of us, or other volunteers (hint), for where you should park.
* 5:00PM – OOB Attendees Introductions and meet your hosts David and Brenda and ask the questions you may have for us.
* 7:00PM – Campfire starting where you again can meet other OOB attendees and learn what the RV show is like and what to expect. Also tips and tricks on how to conserve RV resources in the desert. Please bring in some firewood to help out with our fires or we will be kind of cold.

Friday, January 15th

* 9:00AM – Coffee & Donuts chat at the campfire area. Grab your favorite mug filled with your coffee, tea or liquor of choice and join us for a donut and chat with fellow RV’ers.
* 11:00AM –  Do you do crafts while on the road? Come show off what you may do that may interest others who may care to also take up doing it. (Just ask Brenda about all the wine bottles.)
* 1:00PM – Tech Talks – Have questions, we may have an answer or at least an opinion. After all, RV’ers help RV’ers so come join in on the questions and also help with the answers around the fire ring.
* 3:00PM – Special video shoot talked about in e-mail. (Remember…Shhhhhhhh!)
* 5:00PM – Quadcopter flights and aerial group photo. Have a quadcopter? Bring it and lets fly out into the desert. This will also be our chance to take a group photo! And yes,we surely will look to make a video out of the footage. David will be going for a two mile out flight! (So get ready to walk if it goes down to help find it. LOL)
* 7:00PM – Movie Night! Come join us for a movie under the stars. (Movie yet to be determined.) If weather does not cooperate, we will do this Saturday.

Saturday, January 16th

* The Big RV Show opens. If you have never attended the show before, be prepared for a crazy time of people, food, and of course products of all sorts. From full motor coaches to replacement valve stems, you will find it at Quartzsite.  Drive into town and make a day of it. Of course, feel free to go along with other OOB members that you have met to team up and car pool.
* 5:00PM – Pot Luck Dinner. Bring a dish to add to the table. (which reminds me, bring tables.) No idea what we may end up with, but that’s the fun of a pot luck. So grab your drink, plate, utensils, and chair and eat up. (We ask that food be placed at least by 4:50PM)
* 7:00PM – Campfire and Camp Jam (or Alt Movie Night). If you play an instrument, no Tuba’s please, feel free to bring it along and we will see if we can play something together. We also need people that of course can sing. Brenda and I can not. So we will TRY, and I stress TRY, to make this work as well as it being a sing along. :)

Sunday, January 17th

* The RV Show continues and so does your shopping. :)
* This is also departure day, if you so choose, as we have nothing planned other than a campfire. We do know most will stay till Monday for who really wants to leave after a day of shopping. :)
* Evening – Campfire for anyone still around or that is not too tired from all that shopping.

That is it for our first time doing an OOB gathering. Hope you like the ideas.


Ok, a quick few things. First…What you bring into the desert, you will bring out. Leave no footprint. When you arrive, you will need to check in with the BLM Host right when you turn on to Plomosa road. (No charge) Then you will head further down to road to find us.

You will be in the desert and will have NO HOOKUPS! Therefore you will need to be sure to have a full water tank and empty black and gray tanks. You should also have fuel for your generator. If you do not have a generator, this really is not for you as you will need power as well as heat. So conserving is the key so bring and use paper plates, plasticware, and cups. Things that do not require washing! We will go over some tricks as to how you can conserve the first evening.

There is a service in town called the “Pit Stop” where they will empty your tanks and fill your water with good water. They can also fill your propane tanks.

Even though there is a SMALL grocery store in town, it is not cheep. So bring in any food you will want. There are also a few restaurants.

For trash there is a local dump right down the road as you go into town with limited hours. Best thing is to use larger garbage bags and when needed, drop it off on the way into town.

Other than that GOOD LUCK! :)

Again…If you are not already on our Quartzsite email list, see blow, or we missed you and you want to join us, PLEASE let us know by using our contact us page to be added to our list or leave a comment below. January 1st, 2016 is the cut off date as we need to know how many by that point. Thanks!

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