Bonfires Every Night At OOB Fest 2017

Yes, that time is almost upon us that we will pack up and head out into the desert to have a little get together that has been dubbed “OOBerfest!”

Ok, first, it is no longer considered “little”. At the time of this email, we have 90 signed up to attend! Yes, 90! We will do the best we can when it comes to parking but this is a large group and as such, we will take a lot of space. Because of this, we will not be able to have a circle, but more of a weird shape of some kind with others scattered around. You will be parked close to each other so we can get as many in a main area as we can. So please understand that. It worked out last year and this year should be no different, just larger. Parking is our biggest worry and our most stress.

This is an outdoor gathering for talks etc, as such, weather can play a roll. As such, things that we hope to be able to do can be affected.

Brenda and I will be arriving into the area on Monday the 16th to try to save off space. Anyone coming in early, you can greatly help with this.

Welcome gathering on Thursday will be at 5:00 PM by our motor coach. Please attend.

We made an OOBerfest 2017 INFORMATION VIDEO :)

A few quick notes…

1) Please bring fire wood! This is you price to come. :) We will need to have at least 3 large fires a night running with so many people, so this means we will need a lot of wood.

2) We will need some help in some areas. Mainly parking rigs, the building of large fire rings, and table setup.

3) Upon arrival, please look for the little paper signs with our OutsideOurBubble logo that will lead you back to our area. You will to know need the email address you used to sign up as you will be asked so we can check you in.

4) Directions etc can be found on the main OOBerfest page —> HERE

5) If you have friends that are coming with you, they need to please sign up with us so we have a count.

6) Be sure you have fuel in your tanks for the generator and heat! (Propane/Diesel/Gas)

Items Needed:

– Propane heaters and tanks. For the music we will need to have some heat for the band members as it is hard to play with blankets on. Looking for propane heaters to help with that. Please be so kind to email us and let is know if you can help. (If not, I will need to buy some.)

– Tables for the pot luck dinner…If you have a table, please be so kind to bring it and use it for the group.

T-Shirts can still be ordered and we are still donating to Segs4Vets for each order —-> ORDER HERE

Please remember to mingle and get to know others as good friends can be made at events like this. All in all, we hope you will have a good time!

For your convenience you can download the events times in a PDF file… CLICK HERE