Well…OOBerFest has come and gone. Yes, we are a little behind in posting this. OOBerFest was held January 18 – 22, during the big Quartzsite, AZ RV Tent Event. 

We were pleased with the sign-ups that we had this year. Although we did panic a little bit when we saw we had 114 coaches signed up to meet us out there in the desert. We panicked in the sense of how we would park all of you. It ended up working out well though seeing that a number of people just did not show without letting us know.

We had some great seminars such as coach weighing and why it’s important, David’s ever popular Tech Talk and the ladies had our first ever “Stitch and Bitch” session where we all had some great ideas that we shared with everyone. You could even get your coach weighed right there and walk away knowing what you weigh and more importantly, what your tire pressures should be set at. 

Every evening we had multiple campfires going with people intermingling amongst them. New friendships were formed as well as old friendships renewed. Cocktail hour seemed to happen spontaneously as it usually ends up doing when your among friends.  (BTW…Click images to enlarge.)

And what better way to close out OOBerFest than a concert under the stars, surrounded by campfires, cocktails and good friends. Notes From Neptune was so popular last year that we brought them back and boy….they did not disappoint. David of course joined in on the fun and played his Cajon all night long, smiling the entire time. He loves playing with these guys and the feeling is mutual.

Side Note…Years back, David learned to play from the one and only Heidi Joubert.  In fact, the actual Cajon he has now been playing for about a year was made by her in Spain. It is quite a bit more responsive then the Cajon he was playing. Add to that she also turned him on to the Roland EL-10 sound processor, and the sound has never been the same. 

So…..I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a blast at OOBerFest 2018! We do want to thank all the volunteers that we had helping us, our long time rving friends Bob and Pat that helped us park people and everyone that made this event what it is.

We hope you will join us next year, out in the middle of the desert dry camping, in Quartzsite, AZ for another fun few days. There will be seminars. There will be a pot luck and cocktails. And of course OOBerFest would not be complete without Notes From Neptune!  Pssst….You will be parking yourselves next year. :)

Plus…there’s US :)

So get outside YOUR bubble and join us!  OOBerFest 2019 is set and January 17, 2019 is arrival day and closing out OOBerFest once again will be Notes From Neptune on January 19, 2019. 

We made a video of OOBerfest, but it is kind of different. This one you may actually care to share. It was a fun video where we set out to find out…Why RV?