Well…..OOBerFest 2019 has now come and gone. It was an awesome time had by all. 

Weather was beautiful! Perfect for our conferences, potluck and concert under the stars.

But it wouldn’t have been as spectacular if it wasn’t for ShadePro in helping us out before OOBerFest.

(NOTE: Click images to enlarge.)

You see, we had developed a big tear in our main awning and without ShadePro coming out to the RV Park where we were staying before OOBerFest to replace the material, we would not have had any lighting for the band! Let alone any awnings to put out for the conferences.  So a big Thank You must go out to ShadePro

And since ShadePro got us all repaired in a flash, David wanted to come up with a fun give-away for our OOBies. At the welcome talk, the ShadePro guys were up on our roof and in the audience, unbeknownst to our OOBies, and with David’s big Welcome, they started tossing out hats, some of which had prizes in them! Needless to say, everyone had fun trying to catch a hat. Luckily there were no trampling or injuries involved. :) 

But OOberFest wouldn’t be OOBerFest without our OOBies of course. And we have some great ones!

From the OOBies that got out their Margarita Machine and served a pretty big crowd, cause you know….free alcohol ya’ll!

To the OOBies that had a breakfast burrito station with all the fixin’s set up for everyone the morning after the concert that I must say…was quite yummy!

Boy! Did David and I really need that after a long night of fun.

The weather was so nice we were able to get two movie nights in! It truly is a unique experience sitting under the stars watching a movie on a big screen. Wrapped in a blanket (it can get chilly in the desert at night) or sitting by a campfire with your bag of popcorn and a drink. Perfect!

The potluck had a ton of food and a big variety which was nice. Everyone is always so creative when it comes to the potluck. From a savory cheesecake, veggie lasagna, veggie, cheese and salami skewers in a marinade, meatballs, pasta dishes…you name it…we probably had it! Someone even brought out multiple bottles of wine to share!

And we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t close out OOBerFest and throw the biggest party out there in the desert. 

We brought Notes From Neptune in from Phoenix to play for us. These guys are an amazing talent and they enjoy the unique venue. And if you find yourself in the Phoenix area, look them up and go listen to them at a different venue. They are a great bunch of guys who truly love what they do.

We enjoy producing OOberFest for all our OOBies out there. 

It was a great time had by all, that’s for sure.

It was great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. 

We hope if you joined us this year you had as much fun as we did. And if you couldn’t make it out this year, maybe we’ll meet on the road some where. 

Thanks to ShadePro for fixing us before OOBerFest and for the hats and prizes (hidden inside the hats) give-away.

Thanks to all our speakers that came out and took time out of their day to educate us on different important topics. 

Thanks to Notes From Neptune for putting on a night no one will forget!

And a special thank you to all our OOBies who make this such a fun event to put on.

And yes Ya’ll…..we burned ALL that firewood!


Feel free to upload your own photos to this shared album. —>  OOBerfest 2019 Google Photo Album

Here is the UN-EDITED LIVE STREAM of the OOBerfest Concert!  CLICK HERE TO OPEN IN YOUTUBE!  You can see all the LIVE comments that were happing from people ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Be sure to give it a thumbs up! :)