We keep getting asked of course, but we are sorry to say we will not be hosting OOBerfest in 2020 in Quartzsite.  :(

It was a hard choice to make, but please understand, we don’t do this on-line stuff for a living and OOBerfest takes time, energy, and money to put on. Even us coming in from Fort McDowell, AZ costs us in fuel and for a camp site that we paid for that we are not using. (LOL…It’s not cheap to be in AZ in the winter if you want full hookups.)

We do so enjoy meeting our followers and putting faces the many e-mails. It is just hard to make it all work out and seems impossible to make everyone happy each year. So this year we will just need to take a break. 

We may look into hosting some type of “Meet and Greet” in the Phoenix, AZ area where we can invite one of our favorite bands…Notes From Neptune. So if you will be in the Phoenix AZ area in January and have an interest in maybe doing something like that, please be so kind to let us know by posting a comment. (So we get some idea on interest and numbers.) It would be like an evening at a coffee house or something where we can say hello and have a little fun!