Brenda here. So our friends arrived safe and sound…and wet. Yup, we had sunshine and a nice breeze this morning. Then Joe and Lynn arrived and DOWNPOUR!

They spent about 2 hours with us inside our coach with the kids. We did lunch and watched some TV.

They then decided to take the kids down the road to a Walmart until it stops raining. That way they can set up there camper later, when the rain slows down. No sooner do they get 10 minutes down the road and the rain stops! David and I made a bet that when they get back it’ll start raining again.

Well, we won that bet. When they got back to the campground it was raining again. They bit the big one and decided to set up. No sooner do they start setting up their camper, the rain falls harder and faster. Another downpour! I think David is laughing a little to much (in the above photo) watching them set up in the rain. I think from now on, we go camping by ourselves. Here’s a video that David shot as the downpour slams down on them.

Joe and Lynn, we love ya. But come on with the rain guys! It puts a serious damper on things. (No pun intended!)