Next To Last Day On The Road

We left Kentucky, drove through Ohio, and are now in Pennsylvania.  We’ll be back at our house in Upstate New York tomorrow.  I know our family can’t wait to see us.  We’re having mixed feelings about being back.  We’re excited to be home and see family.  On the other hand there’s so much more to see out there.  I’m sure we’ll be planning our next trip soon.  We already have some plans in place for June/July.

You know how “they” say everyone has a twin out there some where?  Well, apparently that’s true for dogs too.  We found Tasha’s twin in the rv park we were at in Kentucky.  The difference is “Buddy” is a male.  And he’s 4 years old.  Other than that, he has the same face, same demeanor, everything!  It’s weird.  Other than Tasha’s brace on her knee, I dare you to tell them apart.

Tasha On Right By The Bench, Buddy On Left

Tasha In Back, Buddy In Front

Tasha In Front, Buddy In Back