Say Whaaaat!? Yes, it seems we have said a lot over the years. And now it seems we have a lot of new readers as of late…So WELCOME to our life and we are glad you have chosen to ride along. (See what I did there? “ride along”. BOOM…I just blew your mind. Get it? “Ride Along”. As in RV travel. Oh come on, that was funny. Ok, I will stop now.) :)

So, because of the new readers over the last few months or so, we seem to have some questions come up for us that had been covered in past posts that have been very popular. So we would now like to take the time to point you to just a few of our most well received posts. Posts that seem to have been helpful or just popular as far as reads go.  (Ok, ok, we will not mention the Winnebago one. They seem to have there own issues these days. And yes, it is STILL one of the top read posts on the site to this day.)

In no particular order…(It seems the tech posts are hot.)

About Us – Yes, I know, this is linked on the top of every page in the menu. It a short “who we are” so you know more about who it is that writes and makes the videos we post here. For some reason, people seem to miss this page and ask us how we got started and what we did.

YouTube Videos –  All of our videos are posted on YouTube. From our quadcopter flight videos to videos on products and about our experiences and us. So if you are looking for our videos, the link is at the top of any page.

Making a Better Wi-Fi Connection for Under $100 – Yup, did an entire write and video tutorial on setting up a private Wi-Fi system for your RV that gives you a better chance at making a good connection at RV Parks and resorts even over longer distances.

Satellite TV – Making a right choice – Did you know that if you use a dome type antenna and use DirecTV you cannot get HDTV? You should know and understand this as a lot of coaches and RV’s come with satellite domes. This explains some about it with a video.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Ok, this one is very important and is a must read and watch as it is VERY IMPORTANT!  So if you have not, please do.

Motor Coach Security – We sometimes use products that are made for home use in our motor coach, and this is one of them.  Piper, an all in one security product. (Wi-Fi required.)

RING Doorbell – Huh? A doorbell?  Yup, not just any ordinary one however. One with a video camera and two-way communication and recording that also runs on battery and uses Wi-Fi.

Complete Tiffin Coach Build – It all started HERE with the order and then went into the complete, day-by-day, experience of the building of our 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus model 45LP. A lot of information on the building of the coach complete with time lapse videos along the way.

Our RV Summit Interview  – On the right side of any page you will find a player where you can play back our 1:13 audio interview. You can learn more about us and what is it like living on the road full time. It includes things you may not have thought about and answers some questions like “how do you get mail?”.

Moab Utah posts – It seems people want to know about or seem to like Moab, Utah as these pages received a large number of reads. Fun We Had and Arches & Manti-La Sal National Parks.

And last but not least…Our LIVE CAM page. It seems some of you like to watch. :) Sometimes we get messages asking us to wave even. So, alas, we try to remember to do so as we walk by. Yup, we have put our life on display using live streaming M7B57 HD web cams from Microseven.  And no…we do NOT have inside cameras for public view. And no, we will not add one so stop asking. (Kidding, no one asked.) (Update – 15 mins after posting this…we were just asked to. The answer is still no. :)) On that page is even a GPS tracker showing where we are.  So if you are in the area, write us and stop in, or better yet, join us for our Outside Our Bubble get together in Quartzsite this January.

So there, you are all caught up on some of the hot items you may have missed or not known about. :)