Had a request come in, actually a few, asking what I did for water connections to the coach. Well, their it is. It consists of a pressure monitor, an carbon filter, and then a water softener. It is SO NICE to have soft water for showers and it will help the coach fixtures, pump, etc from build up.

The water softener is The WaterStick ($120). It is a home made type solution from an RV’er, Rick, that just wanted a easier solution other much higher price softeners that do the same thing. Well, he turned it into a business.

It may not look like much, but at our current location, based on the hardness test, we can produce 225 gallons of software before recharge! But the best part of this unit is the process for the recharge. More or less, mix two cups of table salt with 1/2 gallon water, cap one end, poor in saltwater mix, shake, wait 30 minuets or more, flush. Done! You can also just add the mixture and then put caps on both end and let it recharge when travel. Just flush when you get to your next stop before hooking to your coach. So you are always ready for soft water! SIMPLE!

The rest of the filter system is what is in the coach itself. The Everpure water filer for the entire coach and then the filter that is in our fridge.

Their you have it.