What can I say, we all get paint scratches now and again. You know those darn trees that you just didn’t see as you went down the RV park road because the RV park did not cut them back properly. Or when you were backing into a site and that tree just jumped out of nowhere. Not that we would’ve ever done any of these mind you. :-) 

But let’s face it, for those that know, it used to be a real pain to remove scratches from your clear coat. Thankfully I have Andrew of A.N.S. Detailing, who told me about a product from Meguiar’s, that makes it really simple to remove scratches from your clear coat. No longer do you have to sand it down, running a buffer/polisher, and then re-wax after. It’s now just two simple steps if you can believe that! All in one kit! I couldn’t, but Andrew noticed some scratches in our jeep and we just had to go to work on it. Total time elapsed to get the scratches out, about 10 minutes!

Oh, what’s the product? It’s the Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Correction System Kit!  Sorry Andrew, I just took some of your business away by letting others do it themselves. But hey, you’re the one who made the video with me. :-)

Here’s the video of me talking to Andrew about the Meguiar’s system, and also me removing a scratch from our jeep!